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Thread started 07/30/16 1:47pm


Anniversary Concerts– Malahide/Wembley Stadium/21 Nights

Really missing Prince this weekend, is the anniversary of some incredible concerts and tours. Were you at any of the shows, what was your highlight?

Wembley Stadium, July 31/93. Amazing show. The Beautiful Ones and 7 were amazing. Friends and I queued at 7am in morning, were in very front section. Michael B dropped down before the show and we ended chatting for 30 minutes. A true gentleman.

21 Nights: Opening night was August 1/2007, hard to believe it was 9 years. Got to see the first 2 shows, and 3 subsequent shows and 2 after shows. On Aug 1 show, after blistering 2 hour set the lights went up and 90% of audience had left. I was still in my seat taking it all in. Walked down to edge of symbol stage and PRINCE brushed past me. Back up on stage for another 40-minute set to just a few hundred people. Awesome acoustic version followed by full band to jams such as 'Get On The Boat'

Malahide: July 30/2011. FIVE YEARS TONIGHT. Thank you PRINCE for coming to my home village, 2-minute walk to the show from my house. It was special in every way and your final Ireland concert. 'A Love Bizarre' and 'Controversy' were amazing that night. Up near stage barrier after hours of queuing. Though these songs were towards end of the show, it was the first time I turned around and saw the audience, a sea of happy smiling faces.

Thank You PRINCE, August bank holiday weekends will always be dedicated to you for the rest of my life. Sleep Well xxx

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Reply #1 posted 07/30/16 2:21pm


Your 21 nights experience sounds amazing. I love it when he would come back on stage after most of the audience had left. He did that on a few other tours too and I was one of the lucky ones to witness it. These are the things I am going to miss dearly..the whole live experience. The best concerts I ever went to. Yes, thank you Prince
the memories will live on forever x.
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Reply #2 posted 08/04/16 3:10pm


I was a member of the controversy fan club when 💜Played Wembley stadium Being a club member my friends and I was supposed to getter better seats. Well to say I could see nothing was a understatement. Obviously this didnt stop me enjoying myself especially when he played boys n girls. Well as a consolation we was given tickets to a after show party. To be held in Kentish Town at the forum. I was very suspicious at first, seemed to good to be tru. Anyway me and my friends went to the forum and there was no one there. Then people gradually arrived. When we was eventually allowed in after about a hour we went inside and there was no one there. In the end there was about 100 people inside waiting for 💜. Then all of a sudden there he was, it was real, he was doing a after show for the club members. Me and my best pal, Alice were right out the front. 💜 Played for about 2 hours. On the way home my husband got pulled over by the police. When he said we had been to a prince after show concert in Kentish Town they didn't believe us until I showed him the ticket. Such a amazing experience, one of the best X
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