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While many of us have heard or "heard of" an unreleased song "Dance 2 The Beat" by The Time. I had occassion to personally ask one of the founding members of The Time about that song. I asked if it had ever been professionally recorded LIVE or in a studio. The answer was a definitive "NO". But, this person went on to explain that it was just a "filler song" for live shows, and there was another one too. The name of the other song is "Ya You Know". ((pronounced like the Minneapolis/Canadian version of "Yeah", sounding like "Yah" It was meant to poke-fun at the accent like used in the movie "Fargo". I've searched many resources trying to find other references to this song, and apparently nobody else knows anything of it. I can relay the above information, however, I cannot reveal the source. It is one of the Original 7ven.

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