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movies Prince has been involved with

3 Chains of Gold

Prince and the N.P.G present..3 Chains of Gold a mini movie with music videos ebbedded within


An Egyptian Princess ( Mayte Garcia - formerly Mrs. Prince Roger Nelson , Mayte Garcia Nelson ) Flees HER NATIVE county from 7 mysterious men who murdered her father Arrives in the USA mpls, mn . AT the night of a rave party at THE GLAM SLAM ( PRINCE'S FORMER NIGHTCLUB ) meets Prince and gives him a video tape of her - an audition to join the N.P.G as the dancer Prince , intrigued by this unknown beauty. woos her into a relationship and LOVE, INTRIGUE, CHAOS, DISORDER and FUNKY MUSIC ensues . music videos include 1. MY NAME IS PRINCE... 2. SEXY M.F. ... 3. LOVE 2 THE 9's ... 4. THE MORNING PAPERS ... 5. THE MAX ... 6. BLUE LIGHT ... 7. @ WANNA MELT WITH U ... 8. SWEET BABY ... 9. THE CONTINENTAL ... 10. DAMN U ... 11. (7) 12. 3 CHAINS OF GOLD starring : PRINCE , MAYTE , THE N.P.G. , KIRSTY ALLY, more.. dirrected by : Paris Patton , R. ST. Nicholas, and Paisly Park run time 73 mins. a TIME WARNNER / PAISLY PARK Enterpise PRODUCTION


this movie discription was written entirelly by me  Abbella Di' Noto  Apple Valley , MN. 

I do not own the copy rights to this film nor am i affilliated with its production I am a fan who wants people to known this great rock music drama exist.

I rate this film a 5 out of 5 .. O(+> ... 's {symbols not stars}

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