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The first official web presence of Prince.

In early 1996, the website contained the "Wedding Program" for Prince and mayte, something he advertised with a half-page ad in USA Today.[1]

The domain was abandoned when became the official site.

The official site of Prince's studio, Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

That is blank now, use if you want to see the site as it was..

...oh boy...

Mostly designed as a site for fans to purchase concert tickets and music, via the "NPG Music Club membership", this site went online in XXXX and functioned until YYYY. Fans used it primarily to sign up to buy special seating at concerts during the XXXXX and YYYYYY tours, as well as download the semi-regular "NPG Ahdio" mp3 "radio shows".

The club membership, which granted full access to the site, cost $50 US / year.

This was Prince's official site following the closure of the NPGMC in 2006, up until late December 2007 when it mysteriously went blank. Prince did not have an official website from this time forward until the preview site appeared in late 2008. was live for both the 3121 Vegas and 21 Nights in London residency and fans had the opportunity to purchase tickets via this site. It also at one point contained a newsletter and blog, to which various songs and pictures were posted, including archive material such as the song 'Splash', recorded with The Revolution in the mid 80's, and a previously unreleased acoustic mix of the song 'Love', from 2006's 3121 album release.

This site appeared with a teaser graphic at the beginning of 2009. Due to the presence of an interactive "ticket" on the site that allows one to sign up for updates, that prominently displays the date January 31, 2009, that was believed to be the official launch date for the rest of the site. The intro states that visitors will be able to "Listen to new tracks by Prince and special guests", "Watch videos and exclusive content" and "Buy music, concert tickets, and more."

Tied to Prince's 2009 release LOtUSFLOW3R. / Superspaceboy's guide to navigating the galaxy went live in March 24th 2009 with great confusion and frustration among fans.'s own Superspaceboy formulated this helpful guide to get people off the ground with the site:

1) Go to 2) To unlock the site you're taken back in time to 1986. Click the small TV and watch the video 'Kiss' For 'Hint 1' (needed for the first slot on ticket) which the VJ announces on the TV "this is going to be the hottest ticket of 1986,Prince on tour and this is his hottest video Kiss." 3) For 'Hint 2' (needed for second slot on ticket.) Go over to the right of the site and turn on the boom box by clicking, where you'll hear the DJ announce "that was a hot new track from the artist known as Prince,everyone I know is dying to get a 'ticket' to his show March 7th here in 'Los Angeles'. Now you have the answers(1986 and Los Angeles) for the ticket on the ground that you need to click and enter that into the blank slots that unlocks the site. The site is now unlocked. Now you need to register...

4) Choose a Screen Name and Password. If this isn't working, you need to CLEAR YOUR CACHE. This can be done normally under the options in your browser. I have heard some browsers don't work. FIREFOX does. If you don't have Firefox go to and DL the browser. Repeat steps 1-4 if neseccary

5) Once your screen name and password are accepted, you'll then go and enter your personal info and pay 77 dollars to get in. You will also get to choose what size T-Shirt you want. (I missed this...but there is a 7 dollar charge for S&H if you live outside the USA)

Once you are in you have 3 areas to for each of the albums.Next steps will guide you to where you can download them or listen to them. You navigate to the different "worlds" by dragging your curser around.

Lotusflow3r - Click on the middle world and then once that comes into full view if you click on the lightning above his head, that will bring up the player. From there you have options to download Mp3 or Wav. Also in this area, if you click on the pyramid, you will get to see the Crimson & Clover video.

MPLSound - This is to the right of the site. Once there, click on the bird, who'll plug into the site. The CD disappears and a guitar rises in it's place. Click on the string of the guitar (towards the top) and the player opens up for the album. You can DL mp3 or wav files here. Click the blimp off to the right top of the screen to see a preview of Chocolate Box video.

Bria Valente - Her's is off to the Left of the site. A little more straight forward. Click the "on" button for her player. Same deal as above. The video for her single can be access by clicking on the moon.

The videos are located behind Prince's face in Lotusflow3r land. Once clicked, you are taken past the face to an Orange Glowing Ring and then soon after a globe of videos comes up to pick videos and pictures to choose from.


It is recommended to Download the Mp3's instead of the wav files. They seem to work easier and the wav files come as a .php file and all of the tricks to turn it to a .zip aren't working for me.

Yes the videos are choppy. This could be due to high traffic and there is no work around. Update: If you go to full screen, this will improve the video viewing experience. Also Firefox has an option to get the video. Scroll to page 2 of this thread to read how that might be done.

At the top left corner are 3 controls: Symbol take you to your acct info. You can also get tix here. The middle control is for sound and the last gives you full screen access.

Invalid and corrupted files means you didn't fully download them. So much traffic on the site makes this tricky. Go for the MP3's. They are at a great bit rate.

There is also a known issue with closing out and logging back in. Again, clearing caches and cookies seems to work.

So far that's all that seems to be there.

Good Luck! And hopefully this helps. Updates


  1. Prince puts his love for new bride online with wedding Web site, Article from: Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) - Article date: February 15, 1996 - Author: Covert, Colin.